18 Apr


»a small bouquet by frank o’hara« by natalie czech

natalie czech uses calligrams in an attempt to confront and intertwine text and image. she reverses the process established for hidden poems of inscribing a poem into an existing text structure. the source material is not a pre-existing text fragment, but a picture poem. natalie czech invited seven writers - andrew berardini, julien bismuth, maia gianakos, leslie-ann murray, mick peter, nathania rubin and alix rule - to each write a text that contains the same calligram by the american poet, frank o’hara (1926 - 66). the texts were precisely composed around the calligram, so as to embed it in their very fabric, and thus dissolve its iconicity. natalie czech presents these texts as photographs of book pages and re-presents the calligram by marking its component words in the photographs.

(via viperslang)